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Episode 43 - Lambdragon with Aldo Bucchi

Aldo Bucchi is the creator of Lambdragon, a pure code TypeScript platform and build tool that fights complexity with fire.

Episode 42 - Docusaurus with Sebastien Lorber

Sebastien Lorber is an open source developer and maintainer of Docusaurus.

Episode 41 - UserVitals with Tharshan Muthulingam

Tharshan Muthulingam is the founder of UserVitals, an all-in-one tool for feedback management and product development.

Episode 40 - Redux Toolkit with Mark Erikson

Mark Erikson is the lead maintainer of Redux and an internet cartoon character.

Episode 39 - Blockchain with Noah Hein

Noah Hein is a Fullstack Web Developer and Technical Content Editor at QuickNode.

Episode 38 - Learn with Jason Lengstorf

Jason Lengstorf is the VP of Developer Experience at Netlify and the host of Learn with Jason.

Episode 37 - Talking Serverless with Josh Proto

Josh Proto is the COO of Serverless Guru, Co-host of the Talking Serverless Podcast, and an AWS Community Builder.

Episode 36 - Is React a Rails Competitor Yet with Michael Chan

Michael Chan is the host of React Podcast, creator of, and maintainer of the React Podcast Discord.

Episode 35 - Bit with Debbie O'Brien

Debbie O'Brien is the Head Developer Advocate at Bit.

Episode 34 - Echobind with Jenn Robison

Jenn Robison is the Director of Engineering at Echobind, a full service digital agency.

Episode 33 - Supabase with Paul Copplestone

Paul Copplestone is the CEO and Co-Founder of Supabase, a PostgreSQL hosting provider for developers.

Episode 32 - The Guild with Uri Goldshtein

Uri Goldshtein is the founder of The Guild, a group of open source developers where each library is under a person’s name, not under The Guild organization on GitHub.

Episode 31 - Fullstack Accessibility with Ben Myers

Ben Myers is a web developer, accessibility advocate, and human T-rex. He is also the host of Some Antics, a weekly educational livestream.

Episode 30 - To Fork or Not to Fork with Brandon Bayer

Brandon Bayer is the creator of Blitz.js.

Episode 29 - The History of the Jamstack with Brian Douglas

Brian Douglas is a Staff Developer Advocate at GitHub.

Episode 28 - Elements with Chris Mather

Chris Mather is the Founder and CEO of Elements, an application framework and build tool for TypeScript that makes developing apps fun again.

Episode 27 - Open Source Education with Monica Powell

Monica Powell is a software engineer at Newsela, Egghead Instructor, and organizer of the React Ladies meetup.

Episode 26 - Multilingual Documentation with Claire Froelich

Claire Froelich is a Software Developer at Mintbean and a Core Member of RedwoodJS.

Episode 25 - Fullstack Serverless with Nader Dabit

Nader Dabit is a Developer Advocate at AWS Amplify.

Episode 24 - Plenti with Jim Fisk

Jim Fisk is a web developer and creator of Plenti, a Svelte Static Site Generator built with Go.

Episode 23 - Tutorial Driven Development with Rob Cameron

Rob Cameron is a web developer, woodworker, and Founding Member of RedwoodJS.

Episode 22 - Fullstack Security with Ryan Chenkie

Ryan Chenkie is a Developer Advocate at Prisma and creator of the React Security Fundamentals course.

Episode 21 - StepZen with Anant Jhingran

Anant Jhingran is the CEO of StepZen, a tool that enables frontend developers to quickly spin up a GraphQL API from a set of backends.

Episode 20 - Bison with Chris Ball

Chris Ball is the CTO of Echobind and creator of Bison, a Fullstack Jamstack framework based on Echobind's "Greenfield Web Stack."

Episode 19 - Building Fullstack Jamstack SaaS with Mike Cavaliere

Mike Cavaliere is a Senior Software Engineer at Echobind and author of Cut Into the Jamstack.

Episode 18 - React Query with Tanner Linsley

Tanner Linsley is an open source maintainer and Co-founder of Nozzle, a monitoring tool for reverse engineering Google's Search Engine Results Pages.

Episode 17 - Writing about Jamstack with Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi

Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi are the authors of The Jamstack Book.

Episode 16 - with Danny Choudhury

Danny Choudhury is a member of the RedwoodJS Core Team and the founder of, a screen recording and collaboration tool for software teams.

Episode 15 - Quirrel with Simon Knott

Simon Knott is an Open Sourcerer and creator of Quirrel and SuperJSON.

Episode 14 - Programming Cultures with Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper is a developer, author, and founder of Cooperpress.

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