Episode 89 - Astro Community with A Fuzzy Bear

A Fuzzy Bear is the Community Manager at Astro.

In this episode we discuss the origin of the name “Fuzzy Bear,” the benefits of learning Astro over other popular metaframeworks, and how to get involved in the Astro community.

A Fuzzy Bear



Show Outline

01:15 - What is the origin of the name “Fuzzy Bear?”
03:13 - Why did you learn Astro over other frameworks and when did you join the team?
06:00 - The pitfalls of Create React App
08:30 - Fuzzy's life before web development
09:48 - Learning web development through building the Astroids game
12:10 - Fuzzy got into web development to make money but tripped into open source
12:50 - How did you first hear about Astro?
15:22 - How did you initially get involved in the Astro community?
19:41 - What is the status of server-side rendering support in Astro?
22:24 - What happened when Chris tried Astro for the first time?
33:09 - Can Astro be used for dashboards?


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