Conversations about the emerging world of Fullstack Jamstack applications. Anthony Campolo and Christopher Burns explore the development practices of the frameworks, libraries, and services enabling this new paradigm.

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Episode 73 - Serverless Guru with Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones is the CEO of Serverless Guru, an agency that provides serverless consulting and development.

Episode 72 - Elm with Lindsay Wardell

Lindsay Wardell is an Elm Software Engineer at NoRedInk and (former) co-host of Views on Vue.

Episode 71 - Remix with Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds is the Director of Developer Experience for Remix, a JavaScript framework built on standard web APIs.

Episode 70 - Hydrogen with Josh Larson

Josh Larson is a software engineer at Shopify and a core developer of Hydrogen, a React-based framework for building custom storefronts on Shopify.

Episode 69 - Sizzy with Kitze

Kitze is the creator of Sizzy, the browser for developers.

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