Episode 92 - Warp with Zach Lloyd

Zach Lloyd is the CEO of Warp, a Rust-based terminal for modern development.

In this episode we discuss the motivations for starting an entire company dedicated to building a terminal, the inefficiencies introduced by the current default terminals, and the company's future plans for monetization.

Zach Lloyd



Show Outline

00:10 - Zach's background and motivation for creating Warp

02:13 - What are the Warp features that make developers more productive?

07:01 - Why is Warp written in Rust?

10:36 - Does Warp work on multiple platforms?

12:22 - How does Warp plan on monetizing in the future?

16:06 - What are the benefits of Warp for beginners learning the terminal?

22:29 - What shells does Warp support?

25:17 - How do you prioritize feature development and what is the roadmap for the next sixth months?

29:31 - Will Warp eventually be integrated with the VS Code terminal?

31:43 - Final thoughts and where to learn more about Warp


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