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Episode 75 - Prisma with Austin Crim

Austin Crim is a Technical Support Engineer at Prisma, an ORM and data platform that makes databases easy.

Episode 74 - Live at Remix Conf with Scott Steinlage and Will De Ath

Scott Steinlage and Will De Ath join our hosts at Remix Conf for the first ever, in-person FSJam episode.

Episode 73 - Serverless Guru with Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones is the CEO of Serverless Guru, an agency that provides serverless consulting and development.

Episode 72 - Elm with Lindsay Wardell

Lindsay Wardell is an Elm Software Engineer at NoRedInk and (former) co-host of Views on Vue.

Episode 71 - Remix with Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds is the Director of Developer Experience for Remix, a JavaScript framework built on standard web APIs.

Episode 70 - Hydrogen with Josh Larson

Josh Larson is a software engineer at Shopify and a core developer of Hydrogen, a React-based framework for building custom storefronts on Shopify.

Episode 69 - Sizzy with Kitze

Kitze is the creator of Sizzy, the browser for developers.

Episode 68 - Flightcontrol with Brandon Bayer and Mina Abadir

Brandon Bayer and Mina Abadir are the founders of Flightcontrol, the fullstack deployment platform.

Episode 67 - Developer Experience Engineering with Prince Wilson

Prince Wilson is a Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify, a platform for deploying web applications and static websites.

Episode 66 - RedwoodJS with Peter Pistorius

Peter Pistorius is the co-creator of RedwoodJS, the JavaScript application framework for startups, and the founder of Snaplet.

Episode 65 - Snaplet with Peter Pistorius

Peter Pistorius is the co-creator of RedwoodJS and founder of Snaplet, a tool for copying your production database while protecting private information.

Episode 64 - TypeScript with Orta Therox

Orta Therox is a (former) Compiler Engineer at Microsoft and core team member of TypeScript, a syntactical superset of JavaScript that adds optional static typing.

Episode 63 - Modern CSS with Stephanie Eckles

Stephanie Eckles is a Front-End Focused Software Engineer and author of, a course series on modern CSS solutions for old CSS problems.

Episode 62 - Fly with Rugwiro Valentin

Rugwiro Valentin is a Developer at Fly, a platform for fullstack applications and databases that need to run globally.

Episode 61 - Everfund with Christopher Burns

Christopher Burns is the CEO of Everfund, a donation checkout system for non-profits and charities.

Episode 60 - Marko with Dylan Piercey

Dylan Piercey is a Member of Technical Staff at eBay and core team member of Marko, a declarative, HTML-based language for building web applications.

Episode 59 - GreenSock with Cassie Evans

Cassie Evans is the Lead Bestower of Animation Superpowers at Greensock, a JavaScript animation toolset.

Episode 58 - Gitpod with Mike Nikles

Mike Nikles is a Senior Developer and Customer Success Engineer at Gitpod, a collaborative development environment in the browser.

Episode 57 - Sequin with Anthony Accomazzo and Eric Goldman

Anthony Accomazzo and Eric Goldman are the founders of Sequin, a database for real-time syncing of APIs.

Episode 56 - FeatureBoard with Jake Ginnivan

Jake Ginnivan is the creator of FeatureBoard, a lightweight feature toggling tool for teams.

Episode 55 - Prismic with Alex Trost

Alex Trost is a Developer Experience Engineer at Prismic and creator of Frontend Horse.

Episode 54 - Bedrock Layout with Travis Waith-Mair

Travis Waith-Mair is the creator of Bedrock Layout, a CSS framework for layout primitives built on styled-components.

Episode 53 - Solid with Ryan Carniato

Ryan Carniato is the creator of Solid, a reactive JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Episode 52 - Open Source Stacks with Ant Wilson

Ant Wilson is the CTO of Supabase, the open source Firebase alternative.

Episode 51 - Storyblok with Facundo Giuliani

Facundo Giuliani is a Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok.

Episode 50 - One Year Later

Our hosts reconvene for the one year anniversary of the Fullstack Jamstack podcast to discuss the current state of FSJam and its future.

Episode 49 - Slinkity with Ben Holmes

Ben Holmes is the creator of Slinkity, a framework that uses Vite to bring dynamic, client side interactions to your static 11ty sites.

Episode 48 - Astro with Fred Schott

Fred K. Schott is the creator of Astro, Snowpack, and Skypack.

Episode 47 - Podrocket with Kate Trahan

Kate Trahan is the host and producer of Podrocket, the podcast for Logrocket.

Episode 46 - Layer0 with Ishan Anand and Mark Brocato

Ishan Anand (CTO) and Mark Brocato (VP of Engineering) join us to talk about Layer0, a Jamstack platform for managing and running your web applications.

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