Episode 90 - Partytown with Adam Bradley

Adam Bradley is the Director of Technology at Builder.io and co-creator of Partytown, a lazy-loaded library to help relocate resource intensive scripts off the main thread and into a web worker.

In this episode we discuss making sites significantly more performant by offloading third party scripts into a web worker with Partytown, how Partytown fits into the larger suite of tools that Builder.io is working on including Qwik, and cross-compiling any frontend UI library with Mitosis.

Adam Bradley



Show Outline

00:12 - Introduction
01:26 - Do you miss mobile?
04:43 - What is Partytown?
07:50 - Can you use Partytown with WordPress?
09:42 - How does Google Tag Manager work with Partytown?
12:45 - Is there a roadmap for upcoming features or is Partytown feature complete?
13:50 - What is Partytown's opinion on shipping no JavaScript?
14:39 - How does Partytown fit into the larger suite of tools that Builder.io is working on?
16:24 - Qwik as a server-side rendering first framework with QwikCity
19:35 - Will it be possible in the future to migrate a Next.js project to QwikCity?
23:07 - Is QwikCity production ready?
25:00 - How do you deploy a Qwik or QwikCity application?
30:45 - What is Mitosis?
34:19 - How does Qwik compare to Solid and Marko?
40:09 - Will JavaScript ever reach utopia by attaining the nirvana of PHP?


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