Episode 78 - The Jamstack Innovation Fund with Matt Biilmann

Matt Biilmann is the CEO and founder of Netlify, a Jamstack deployment platform.

In this episode we discuss the Jamstack Innovation Fund, open source sustainability, deciding whether to use Cloudflare Workers or Deno for Netlify's Edge Handlers, and the future of the Jamstack.

Matt Biilmann



The Fund

  • ChiselStrike - prototype-to-production data platform
  • Clerk - authentication service purpose-built for Jamstack
  • Clutch - visual editor for Jamstack solutions
  • Convex - global state management platform
  • Deno - modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Everfund - developer-first nonprofit tool to build custom fundraising systems
  • NuxtLabs - making web development intuitive with NuxtJS
  • Snaplet - tool for copying Postgres databases
  • TakeShape - GraphQL API mesh
  • Tigris Data - zero-ops backend for web and mobile apps


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