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Episode 16 - Tape.sh with Danny Choudhury

Danny Choudhury is a member of the RedwoodJS Core Team and the founder of Tape.sh, a screen recording and collaboration tool for software teams. We discuss motivations for building with a nascent framework, the power of simplicity in screen capture workflows, the upcoming Redwood prerender implementation, and the cognitive cost of acronym salads.

Episode 15 - Quirrel with Simon Knott

Simon Knott is an Open Sourcerer and creator of Quirrel and SuperJSON. We discuss his various contributions to open source and the company he is building around Quirrel.

Episode 14 - Programming Cultures with Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper is a developer, author, and founder of Cooperpress. We discuss Frontend First vs. Backend First Development, HotWire and the lasting influence of Ruby on Rails, different approaches to personal branding, the potential cultural influence of WebAssembly, and the economics of Open Source.

Episode 13 - Fauna with Brecht De Rooms

Brecht De Rooms is a Developer Advocate at Fauna. We discuss the architecture and consistency guarantees of Fauna, the Fauna Query Language, the origin of the term NoSQL, the problems with ORMs, modeling relations in a document database, and the importance of database developer experience.

Episode 12 - Amplify and DataStore with Shawn (Swyx) Wang

Shawn (Swyx) Wang works on Developer Experience at AWS Amplify. We discuss Amplify, DataStore, the difference between teaching and learning in public, migrating existing projects to AWS, containers vs. serverless, and the endgame of layer 2 clouds.

Episode 11 - Microsoft Open Source with Kim-Adeline Miguel

Kim-Adeline Miguel is a Software Engineer at Microsoft. We discuss her work on the Python extension for Visual Studio Code, how she integrated RedwoodJS with Azure Postgres, Microsoft's ambitions for the Jamstack, and the promise of WebAssembly.

Episode 10 - Nexus and Code-First Schemas with Jason Kuhrt

Jason Kuhrt is the co-creator of Nexus and works on the developer productivity team at Prisma. We discuss the origins of Nexus, how Nexus fits into the Prisma ecosystem, and other contributions Jason has made to Prisma and the broader open source world.

Episode 9 - FSJam in 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, our hosts discuss projects, frameworks, and tools they are looking forward to in 2021.

Episode 8 - FSJam Roundtable with Chris Ball, Brandon Bayer, and (the) David Price

For the final episode of the year, we have representatives from all the major FSJam frameworks! We discuss what happened in 2020, what still needs to be done, and what everyone is looking forward to in the new year. Thank you for listening and we look forward to having you join us in 2021!

Episode 7 - Shipping Web Applications with Dominic Saadi

Dominic Saadi is a RedwoodJS Core Maintainer and Advocate. We discuss his wide ranging contributions to the framework, the importance of state management, why TailwindCSS is the most interesting project in open source, and how web applications can compete with mobile.

Episode 6 - Blitz.js and Fullstack React with Brandon Bayer

Brandon Bayer is the creator of Blitz.js, the Fullstack React Framework built on Next.js. He is a software consultant, digital nomad, and full-time Open Sourcerer. We discuss the origins of Blitz, common deploy targets for apps built with Blitz, authentication, and the importance of community.

Episode 5 - When to Declare Technical Bankruptcy?

Everfund provides fast and easy donation links for your donors. You can capture more income and Gift Aid by sharing donation links with your donors online. We discuss how Chris built Everfund with Redwood and how he transitioned it from his previous MVP technology.

Episode 4 - Bringing Fullstack to the Jamstack with Tom Preston-Werner

Tom Preston-Werner is the co-founder of Chatterbug, co-creator of RedwoodJS, and long time contributor to open source technology.

Episode 3 - Mintbean and Fullstack Education with Monarch Wadia

Monarch Wadia is a software architect and founder of Mintbean. Mintbean is an immersive learning program for web developers and also a supportive community for individuals looking to upskill their coding abilities.

Episode 2 - Building Online Communities with (the) David Price

David Price is a founding member of the RedwoodJS Core Team. We discuss his background, how he became involved in the RedwoodJS project, how he thinks about building community online, and working in public.

Episode 1 - The Next Requirement of FSJam?

Should FSJam frameworks be building on Next or rolling their own architecture? Is Next the Next Best Thing™, or is it destined to the same fate as every framework that preceded it?

Episode 0 - The Fullstack Jamstack Podcast with Anthony Campolo and Christopher Burns

In the inaugural episode of the Fullstack Jamstack Podcast we meet our hosts, Anthony Campolo and Christopher Burns. They tell their stories about how they discovered the world of Fullstack Jamstack, what it means to them, and what they want this podcast to cover in the future.

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