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Episode 31 - Fullstack Accessibility with Ben Myers

Ben Myers is a web developer, accessibility advocate, and human T-rex. He is also the host of Some Antics, a weekly educational livestream.

Episode 30 - To Fork or Not to Fork with Brandon Bayer

Brandon Bayer is the creator of Blitz.js.

Episode 29 - The History of the Jamstack with Brian Douglas

Brian Douglas is a Staff Developer Advocate at GitHub.

Episode 28 - Elements with Chris Mather

Chris Mather is the Founder and CEO of Elements, an application framework and build tool for TypeScript that makes developing apps fun again.

Episode 27 - Open Source Education with Monica Powell

Monica Powell is a software engineer at Newsela, Egghead Instructor, and organizer of the React Ladies meetup.

Episode 26 - Multilingual Documentation with Claire Froelich

Claire Froelich is a Software Developer at Mintbean and a Core Member of RedwoodJS.

Episode 25 - Fullstack Serverless with Nader Dabit

Nader Dabit is a Developer Advocate at AWS Amplify.

Episode 24 - Plenti with Jim Fisk

Jim Fisk is a web developer and creator of Plenti, a Svelte Static Site Generator built with Go.

Episode 23 - Tutorial Driven Development with Rob Cameron

Rob Cameron is a web developer, woodworker, and Founding Member of RedwoodJS.

Episode 22 - Fullstack Security with Ryan Chenkie

Ryan Chenkie is a Developer Advocate at Prisma and creator of the React Security Fundamentals course.

Episode 21 - StepZen with Anant Jhingran

Anant Jhingran is the CEO of StepZen, a tool that enables frontend developers to quickly spin up a GraphQL API from a set of backends.

Episode 20 - Bison with Chris Ball

Chris Ball is the CTO of Echobind and creator of Bison, a Fullstack Jamstack framework representing Echobind's "Greenfield Web Stack" for creating web applications for clients.

Episode 19 - Building Fullstack Jamstack SaaS with Mike Cavaliere

Mike Cavaliere is a Senior Software Engineer at Echobind and author of Cut Into the Jamstack, a book that explains how to utilize Next.js, Prisma, and Vercel to build a photo collaboration app.

Episode 18 - React Query with Tanner Linsley

Tanner Linsley is a Co-founder at Nozzle, a monitoring tool for reverse engineering Google's Search Engine Results Pages, and the maintainer of a suite of open source libraries including React Query, React Table, and React Charts.

Episode 17 - Writing about Jamstack with Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi

The Jamstack Book by Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi includes a series of projects that teach how to lay out and generate a site, deploy to the cloud, and add dynamic features like user logins and search functionality.

Episode 16 - Tape.sh with Danny Choudhury

Danny Choudhury is a member of the RedwoodJS Core Team and the founder of Tape.sh, a screen recording and collaboration tool for software teams.

Episode 15 - Quirrel with Simon Knott

Simon Knott is an Open Sourcerer and creator of Quirrel and SuperJSON.

Episode 14 - Programming Cultures with Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper is a developer, author, and founder of Cooperpress.

Episode 13 - Fauna with Brecht De Rooms

Brecht De Rooms is a Developer Advocate at Fauna.

Episode 12 - Amplify and DataStore with Shawn (Swyx) Wang

Shawn (Swyx) Wang works on Developer Experience at AWS Amplify.

Episode 11 - Microsoft Open Source with Kim-Adeline Miguel

Kim-Adeline Miguel is a Software Engineer at Microsoft.

Episode 10 - Nexus and Code-First Schemas with Jason Kuhrt

Jason Kuhrt is the co-creator of Nexus and works on the developer productivity team at Prisma.

Episode 9 - FSJam in 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, our hosts discuss projects, frameworks, and tools they are looking forward to in 2021.

Episode 8 - FSJam Roundtable with Chris Ball, Brandon Bayer, and (the) David Price

For the final episode of the year, we have representatives from all the major FSJam frameworks! Thank you for listening and we look forward to having you join us in 2021!

Episode 7 - Shipping Web Applications with Dominic Saadi

Dominic Saadi is a RedwoodJS Core Maintainer and Advocate.

Episode 6 - Blitz.js and Fullstack React with Brandon Bayer

Brandon Bayer is the creator of Blitz.js, the Fullstack React Framework built on Next.js.

Episode 5 - When to Declare Technical Bankruptcy?

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Episode 4 - Bringing Fullstack to the Jamstack with Tom Preston-Werner

Tom Preston-Werner is the co-founder of Chatterbug, co-creator of RedwoodJS, and long time contributor to open source technology.

Episode 3 - Mintbean and Fullstack Education with Monarch Wadia

Monarch Wadia is a software architect and founder of Mintbean. Mintbean is an immersive learning program for web developers and also a supportive community for individuals looking to upskill their coding abilities.

Episode 2 - Building Online Communities with (the) David Price

David Price is a founding member of the RedwoodJS Core Team.

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