Conversations about the emerging world of Fullstack Jamstack applications. Anthony Campolo and Christopher Burns explore the development practices of the frameworks, libraries, and services enabling this new paradigm.

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Episode 45 - Cloudinary with Tessa Mero

Tessa Mero is the Director of Developer Advocacy at Cloudinary.

Episode 44 - Hypercomplexity with Aldo Bucchi

Aldo Bucchi, the creator of Lambdragon, joins us to discuss the death of simplicity, the rise of hypercomplexity, and potential solutions for resurrecting it.

Episode 43 - Lambdragon with Aldo Bucchi

Aldo Bucchi is the creator of Lambdragon, a pure code TypeScript platform and build tool that fights complexity with fire.

Episode 42 - Docusaurus with Sebastien Lorber

Sebastien Lorber is an open source developer and maintainer of Docusaurus.

Episode 41 - UserVitals with Tharshan Muthulingam

Tharshan Muthulingam is the founder of UserVitals, an all-in-one tool for feedback management and product development.

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