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Episode 13 - Fauna with Brecht De Rooms

Brecht De Rooms is a Developer Advocate at Fauna.

Episode 12 - Amplify and DataStore with Shawn (Swyx) Wang

Shawn (Swyx) Wang works on Developer Experience at AWS Amplify.

Episode 11 - Microsoft Open Source with Kim-Adeline Miguel

Kim-Adeline Miguel is a Software Engineer at Microsoft.

Episode 10 - Nexus and Code-First Schemas with Jason Kuhrt

Jason Kuhrt is the co-creator of Nexus and works on the developer productivity team at Prisma.

Episode 9 - FSJam in 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, our hosts discuss projects, frameworks, and tools they are looking forward to in 2021.

Episode 8 - FSJam Roundtable with Chris Ball, Brandon Bayer, and (the) David Price

Our final episode of the year features guests from Redwood, Blitz, and Bison.

Episode 7 - Shipping Web Applications with Dominic Saadi

Dominic Saadi is a Core Maintainer and Advocate for RedwoodJS, the fullstack JavaScript framework for startups.

Episode 6 - Blitz.js and Fullstack React with Brandon Bayer

Brandon Bayer is the creator of Blitz.js, the Fullstack React Framework built on Next.js.

Episode 5 - When to Declare Technical Bankruptcy?

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Episode 4 - Bringing Fullstack to the Jamstack with Tom Preston-Werner

Tom Preston-Werner is the co-founder of Chatterbug, co-creator of RedwoodJS, and long time contributor to open source technology.

Episode 3 - Mintbean and Fullstack Education with Monarch Wadia

Monarch Wadia is a software architect and founder of Mintbean.

Episode 2 - Building Online Communities with (the) David Price

David Price is a founding member of the RedwoodJS Core Team.

Episode 1 - The Next Requirement of FSJam?

Should FSJam frameworks be building on Next or rolling their own architecture? Is Next the Next Best Thing™, or is it destined to the same fate as every framework that...

Episode 0 - The Fullstack Jamstack Podcast with Anthony Campolo and Christopher Burns

In the inaugural episode of the Fullstack Jamstack Podcast we meet our hosts, Anthony Campolo and Christopher Burns.

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